Kristin Bosteels

Kristin Bosteels found yoga in 2002 and began a self-study of the practice, practicing asana and reading theory from books for the first seven years. She felt a deep love for the practice and knew she wanted to share it as a teacher.  Kristin has studied extensively under Eddie Modestini for many years who has given her many gifts as a teacher including the eye to see and understand the individual students in front of her.  She also studies regularly with Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Manouso Manos who has deepened her practice and helped her to overcome challenges that she thought she would have to accept for the rest of her life.  In 2016 she traveled to India to study with HS Arun and learn the subtleties of the practice and how to integrate meditation into the asana practice.  The diversity in her studies has allowed her to develop a multi-faceted approach to teaching that serves every student in the room.  Kristin teaches from a deep space in her being that is inspired by the healing that yoga has brought to her own life. She believes that everyone finds yoga or comes to yoga for a different reason and though it presents itself differently to everyone, we are all walking the same luminous path of the practice. In her classes, she strives to take care of each student in the room and support the individual students’ growth and needs. Her love for yoga deepens every single day and she is ecstatic to share this incredible, transformative practice.