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Iyengar Yoga as it is called is a term that was formed by students of yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar to delineate what he was teaching them as distinct and highly innovative, original. B.K.S. Iyengar was an ardent, wildly dedicated practitioner of yoga who saw the body as the most practical, profound vehicle to self-realization.

Main Theory

He went into deep, ultra-sensitive exploration of the embodiment through the 8 limbs of yoga. The teaching that comes out of his life-time of revelation is truly and absolutely brilliant.

It would, by any estimation, be very difficult to be a practicing student of yoga today and not have been knowingly or unknowingly touched by his teaching.

He is best known by his profound ability to open his mind and trace elements in a student that needed reorganizing such that the student could move from a scattered state to a clear state by his direct guidance. In his case, it was clear that he had found a way toward much, much deeper understanding inside and he was intensely driven to teach that possibility to as many people as he could. His practice of yogasana particularly was developed to the point where he made a practice of delving deeply into exploration while in the most demanding and radical forms, whereby developing strong nervine energy, evolved internal rhythm, and freedom in the entire body. Through this long, sustained devotion, was able to see very deeply into the bodie’s
complex workings.


He was an avid demonstrator for yoga’s spread across the world. He is largely to credit for the modern approach
to yoga for various ailments, structural issues, disease, pain, etc… He is wholly to credit for the concept of precision in the approach to yogasana, and developed many, many completely innovative tools, commonly called props, to help students to find new frontiers in the learning of asana.

Iyengar was truly an enigma, a sharp-eyed, brilliant-minded, deeply developed human being, forever on the edge of spontaneous learning. As the man himself relates to Iyengar Yoga, he eventually established a system of education that is divided into an elaborate curriculum for students to progress very methodically in yoga with an aim toward the consciousness spreading evenly and freely in the entire body.

Introductory Course in Yoga

This highly tailored course runs for 4 weeks, 8 classes total.

This is a pre-reg course that is specifically designed to walk new students into yoga.  This is a well rounded, progressive course where each class builds upon the last. The aim of the course is to start students with a solid and clear foundation for developing a long-term, regular yoga practice. It will give students a basic road map to the exploration of the inner terrain through the principles of yoga.

This particular course is being taught in the method developed by B.K.S. Iyengar, and will reflect some of his hallmarks, including  precise structural mechanics, an atmosphere of vigor, and full mental absorption in the process.

This is an ideal starter course for students who are interested in learning yoga, but have yet to be touched by the life experience that comes from yoga practice. It will be taught on Mondays by Tessa Manning, and on Wednesdays by Erick Thuss.

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