Westside Yoga Studio is a small, clean yoga school
that is fully dedicated to the yoga sciences.

The yoga room is a special setting for radical transformation, and is designed to be an encouraging environment to learn, and dive into the depths of yoga’s many precepts.

About The Studio

Westside Yoga Studio opened in 2008. It quickly became a place where teachers, who were infused in the tradition of yoga, came together under one roof. From the start, Erick and Collin Thuss focused on building a body of teachers who were all highly skilled, who had gone deep into their study, and who were gifted in passing on what they had learned.

With the culture of yoga spreading rapidly and taking on many new forms, they realized the importance of having a school where people could come to learn in a way that echoes the tradition of yoga.

A convergence of elements led Erick and Collin to dedicate the studio to T. Krishnamacharya and a few of his prominent students, T.K.V Desikachar, K. Pattabhi Jois, and B.K.S. Iyengar. The methods these men taught form 3 distinct, kaleidescopic courses of study, and create an atmosphere that is rooted in the transcendent spectrum of yoga.

Westside Yoga Studio is fully equipped from floor to ceiling to support a diverse student base, so regardless of how a student views themselves (size, shape, age, health conditions, gender, class, creed, etc….) the school has the tools to help fortify them for learning beyond self-limiting tendencies. The main interest of the school is to serve the people, and support dynamic health on all levels. The teachers here at Westside are willing to help anyone, of sincere interest, develop their practice in the various facets of yoga to the best of their ability.

Westside is a cornerstone in the community and has a strong staff of developed, caring teachers who are dedicated to yoga as a whole-life exploration. The teaching staff is made up of full-time practitioners, seekers in the inner terrain, and the class content reflects the aliveness of their efforts. Come see what is circulating at Westside Yoga Studio.  Yoga has an immense capacity to enrich the human experience.

About The Founders

Collin and Erick Thuss grew up on the East Coast, and moved to California a few years apart from one another. Coming from a background in yoga, they started Westside Yoga Studio in September of 2008, as a push to center themselves around it more fully. The two of them came to study yoga at different times and places in their lives, however their mutual interest eventually spawned the energy to open the studio. Erick and Collin view the Westside as a community stronghold, a place where people can come together in the spirit of doing good for themselves, as well as others with enthusiasm.